Calderon Property Management *
Se Habla Español

    Do you have property or properties in the Newnan and/or surrounding areas? Are you interested in having CPM* (Calderon Property Management*) manage your property(ies)? With a combination or over 40 properties/units under CPM, we can take care of your property(ies) just as if they were ours. Feel confident to leave your asset under the care of CPM, we have over 6 years experience. Competitive rates plus bi-lingual (English/Spanish) capabilities opens the door to over 99% of surrounding population. Contact us via Email, or call us at 770-304-1954 for more details.


* CPM (Calderon Property Management) is not a company nor an entity. This is a label used only and solely to identify the services offered. At this time, we are not either real estate agents nor brokers.


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