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     This page contains listed properties which belong to other owners. DTC Properties DOES NOT represent such owners nor properties. For information on such properties, please click on image and contact listed number, e-mail or person. We can not give you other information than what's on this website with respect to such properties.  Click here for our listings.
     Where indicated, CPM (Calderon Property Management) is in charge of managing such properties for other owners.


NON-DTC Properties
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Where indicated, CPM manages such properties
DTC Properties is an acting advertising agent only

****Coweta County, non-DTC Properties****
City of Grantville

341 Colley Street,
Grantville, GA 30220

RENT: $800/month

****Other Counties listing, non-DTC Properties****
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Front_small.jpg (2255 bytes)
8967 Bentwood Ln Riverdale, GA 30274
RENT: $750/month

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